Sa Beining fly oneself, already is not a day two days

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  •    天游娱乐迅,First of all, Sa Beining's funny attributes have always been in, zero years of all kinds of seven days on his impression, but at that time the network is not developed, less propaganda. When I was a child home Taiwan little, noon only today talk to see, at that time sa teacher to my impression has been serious image, until see the old Bi seven days of music, I still remember that a small poplar. Actually, small and release the self is not a day for two days, before the epicenter dad that challenge what the variety was released, then pick up the Ming investigation later will open the floodgates, but I did like him more and more, dignified dignified, after the feigned madness when also can fool on occasion are fine. Although he does not have a particularly striking appearance, I find him particularly charming, knowledgeable and profound. His height is not short, have seen a passer-by took him ready to host the video, thin, legs seem to be quite long, but with nothing standing together contrast is more obvious.
  •  And sa Beining has always been like this but is now better known. Remember almost ten years ago, in CCTV a do not know what program, Sa Beining performed a sketch, imitate is Zhou Xingchi Tang Bohu point chouheung inside as a slave with a stool when drum drum singing that section, coquetty degree with now have all and. Finally, I like him because he is a great challenge. During the start-up period, others made money according to the game, while he used the game to help vegetable farmers to publicize. Several years ago, I saw a revealing video that many CCTV hosts were very lively and funny at their own annual conference.
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