There is inexplicable hostility to Yang Zi in na Ying's program

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  •    天游娱乐迅,First, each person's point of view is different, many of them are fans of goodwill hope, someone like shaw war beauty alone, some people think bjyx is true, some people think xzyz is very good, can exist, is a star, brings to the public topic, don't represent I will, we can see, to express our opinions, But don't make so many conspiracy theories, the world is not that complicated, this kind of CP discussion is also a need for actors, the parties have nothing to say, just entertainment. So this is na Ying said yangzi, fake fuse? Two days ago, I talked to my friends that she had inexplicable hostility to Yang Zi in the first issue. They should not, they have crossed paths, they both worked with Xiao Zhan, the rest of their lives and our songs were recorded at the same time. When the crew is waiting for the scene to chat, it is most likely to talk with the partner about what they are doing at work recently. That sister knows who Xiao Zhan is working with.
  •    Watching fragrant honey into the pit zm, archaeological all her drama, think a lot of drama, and men have a sense of cp, but none of them upon reality, but the rest of my life upon the reality, turn a circle here today, the decisive no longer upon them, may I still think the gu wei is more suitable for zm, hope my love girl can find a really love her, protect her. Finally, Yang Zi, Li Qin all concentrate on making a career, although na Ying hates should also unapt bad which go, otherwise also cannot mix so long in performing arts circle. These two days by the rest of the rest of the fan don't don't, everywhere to archaeology, feel good can, see ten fingers linked, instant feeling really bad! No wonder meng probe is right, good sad, ah this is not Gu Wei.
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